Furby Boom Features

Hello I thought I would extend the review of the features simply because with this years model there is so much more you can do with your Furby. As I wrote on the opening page the main feature of the  Furby Boom  is that you will be able to hatch more than 50 virtual eggs with a free app that you can download. We also suggest if you are after the Furby Boom that you make sure you have an Adriod compatabile device or an iPad or iPhone as you will need the app to get the full potential of your Furby Boom.

Depending on how you treat your furby it’s personality will reflect on this, don’t forget you can virtually feed him, give him a shower, check on his health and so much more. Now once you have downloaded the app this is where the real fun begins, you can play a game and try to hatch up to fifty Furby eggs and the aim of the game is to get the golden Furby egg, there is also an app Furball which you can play soccer with your Furby, and don’t forget you can give your furby a name and it will remember this

Conclusion:  The Furby Boom is an excellent which should give your child hours of ongoing fun as well as educating your child in the art of caring for something, As I have stated on the first page this toy will sell very well indeed so if you intend to buy Furby Boom don’t get caught out by leaving it too late.

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